CLTCS is an established Organization in Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan and having partners and affiliation in other parts of the world and Pakistan, with the aim to provide training and consultancy services in Quality, Health & safety, Environment and Management. The challenge a lot of organizations face today is monitoring a viable balance between “performance and conformance” that need to be managed effectively.

CLTCS is providing professional Training & Consultancy Services and Certification in Quality, Health & Safety and Environment, Food Safety, Information Security Management Solutions for individuals and companies. Professional diploma and certificate programs provide educational and professional foundations to Quality Inspectors, Quality Managers/Auditors, Safety Inspectors, Environment Auditors, EHS Managers, HR Managers and Supply Chain Managers, Administrative Directors, in their relevant fields.

There are also weekend based programs suitable for working professionals and provide them excellent skills development and credentialing opportunities. These programs are tailored according to need of the local industry.

CLTCS also provide Training as well as Consultancy Services and solutions to client in order to satisfy human resource development needs.

Our Portfolio

Customers can select from Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Food Safety, HR, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Time Management training, Women in Leadership training, Talent Management, Workplace Harassment, Personal Development, Motivating your Sales Team, Sales and Marketing, IT, Energy Management and Risk Management and many more courses are available. We also offer the possibility of combine audit of ISO Management systems, incorporating a wide range of recognized standards and bringing you consistency, optimization and efficiency. .

Our Mission

We are committed to bring our youth and client an added value through our professional training, consultancy and customer focused services.